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M&J Exteriors is your one-stop-shop for all your exterior contracting needs! Our services include New Roofs, Roof Repair, Siding, & Gutters for residential and commercial in Indiana. We also work with insurance companies to handle claims for roof damage caused by storms. But when it comes to repairing or updating the outside of your home or office building, M&J Exteriors has you covered—serving the Indianapolis area and surrounding areas.

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Choose your new siding, and we’ll make sure it’s just what you want! Then, we’ll start the project and show how things are going along with the removal of old materials – if any rotten trim needs replacing, then let us know.


Process For New Siding Installation

When putting new siding on your home, we first make sure the proper materials are installed under the siding. It is essential to make sure that no water penetrates through the walls of your home. Otherwise you could be looking at dealing with severe water damage causing your home to mold or the wood to rot. During the installation of new siding, we will wrap your home in a watertight house wrap to proctect it from the weather. Depending on the size of your home, you can expect it to take 1 to 3 days to replace all of the siding. Before they begin work, inspect the siding materials to be sure they are the proper style and color you ordered. We will also make sure thorough cleanup of construction debris is done during and after the job. Depending on how much of your old siding is removed, we may need to bring in a dumpster which is great for keeping the perimeter of your home cleaned up from scraps.


The siding or wall cladding to your home is a protective material that plays a vital role in protecting your home and insulating it from harsh weather conditions. For example, during the colder winter months, siding prevents cold air from entering your home and traps the available heat inside your home. M&J Exteriors offers high-end siding replacement solutions to homeowners in Indianapolis. Keep reading to learn more about home siding, the advantages of vinyl siding, and when you should start thinking about replacing your existing siding.

Home Siding Replacement

Exterior siding is one of your home’s most important defenses against harsh weather and a lack of curb appeal. When it comes to siding, there are many different options available. The most popular varieties include:

  • Wood siding that offers natural aesthetics and easy installation
  • Fiber cement is a siding that consists of clay, pulp, cement, and sand. Fiber cement has low maintenance requirements and is fire resistant
  • Stucco that has an attractive appearance and a long lifespan
  • Brick, which is a masonry siding type that requires minimal maintenance and that has a long life expectancy
  • Vinyl, one of the most popular siding types that offer many different advantages

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding consists of long pieces of polyvinyl, which is also called PVC. Property owners in Indianapolis prefer vinyl siding as it has many advantages. The reasons to choose vinyl siding are listed below.


Many Style and Color Options

Vinyl siding is more affordable than most other siding types. One of the main contributors to vinyl siding’s cost-effectiveness is that it is easy to install. Vinyl can also be placed over existing siding. Since you don’t have to remove the current layer of siding, installation costs go down significantly.

If you want to install vinyl siding, you can choose from different colors, including earthy tones and brighter hues. You can also choose from different textures and styles, including vinyl siding that looks like wood or log cabins.

Excellent Isolator

Durability and Longevity

Vinyl siding keeps heat in well during the colder winter months. Since the heat inside your house can’t escape through the vinyl siding, the costs of maintaining your warm home decrease. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, installing vinyl siding will go a long way.

Vinyl is one of the siding types with the most extended lifespans. Since vinyl is incredibly resistant to harsh weather, extreme temperature fluctuations, and physical damage, it can last for as long as fifty years, if not longer.

Resistance to Pests

Noise Reduction

Vinyl siding is not an organic material like wood and, therefore, not a food source for termites and other common pests. Additionally, foam backing fills that gap between the siding in the walls where pests like to make a home.

If you have noisy neighbors or live next to a busy street, installing vinyl siding can help you get some peace. Vinyl siding can reduce outside noise by as much as 39%.

Increase Property Value

Versatile Siding Material

If you are planning on selling your home, one of the most effective ways to increase the market value of your property is to install vinyl siding. Since vinyl siding increases energy efficiency and improves your home’s aesthetic appeal, you can list the siding as one of your home’s key selling points.

Vinyl siding works for houses of all types, materials, and sizes. This siding type’s wide range of benefits makes it one of the most popular among homeowners. M&J Exteriors specialize in supplying and installing vinyl siding in Indianapolis homes. However, how do you know when it is time to get new siding as a property owner?

When to Consider Getting New Siding

Let’s take a look at some of the indications that it is time to get new siding.

Loose Siding

High Heating Costs

Loose siding doesn’t only look terrible, but it also doesn’t insulate your property. The most common causes of loose siding include wind damage, poor installation, or property foundations that may be shifting.

If your heating and cooling costs are increasing, it is an indication that your siding is not doing a proper job of insulating your property. Although a re-installation can help, the chances are that the only solution is to get new siding.

Hail Damage


Severe hailstorms can be detrimental to your home’s siding. Hail damage doesn’t only affect the appearance of your siding but also its insulating properties. Unfortunately, no repair job can remedy severe hail damage, and you may have to consider getting new siding.

If moisture finds its way in between the siding and the wall or if the siding was installed over the moisture, you may notice bubbling on the surface of the siding. Exposure to extreme heat can also cause blistering. There are no repairs that can restore the siding’s insulation qualities in the case of bubbling or blistering, and you will have to replace your siding.

Outdated Appearance

Dry Rot

Sometimes a vibrant siding appearance can look fitting with the current design trends. As time goes by, however, the siding can appear outdated or old-fashioned. An old siding can also make it difficult for you to sell your home.

Dry rot is damage caused by a fungus that lives in moisture in your wall. Dry rot can be particularly damaging to wooden sidings.

Fading Siding

Vinyl siding colors that are starting to fade can look unattractive and indicate that the siding is too weak to protect your home’s walls. In addition, siding that fades shows that siding has reached the end of its lifespan.

Our Working Process



M&J inspection process should include a visual examination of the condition and texture of your roof, siding, gutters/downspouts as well any other features on or around it. This will help you identify potential problems before they become costly issues for both yourself in terms time spent dealing with them AND what those repairs cost.



M&J will determine what work is needed and when it should be done in order to maintain your curb appeal while still meeting maintenance needs for wear-and tear over time or other reasons.



M&J proposal process for exterior services. The client will need to provide us with the specifications of their desired project, which we then develop a design and cost estimate based on materials needed as well as time schedules in order complete this part successfully!



We will provide you with the specifications of your desired project. After that, we develop a design and cost estimate based on materials required as well as time schedules for completion which can be provided by our team’s vendors in order to complete this part successfully.

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