Cheap Windows: How to Save on Windows Without Sacrificing Quality

Did you know that the costs of home remodeling continue to rise each year?

The leading reason for replacing parts of your house is when they start to break down and lose structural integrity. Others remodel their homes to update how the place looks.

For example, you replace your roof when you notice the signs of failure and danger. This applies to cheap windows as well.

Some windows can cost about $1,000 per piece. You may want a cheap window replacement instead. However, how do you get affordable windows without sacrificing quality?

Don’t worry, we’ve got several tips for you. Read on and learn how to save without sacrificing its durability or beauty:

1. Look for Contractor or Builder-Grade Windows

Most builders will always look for the commodity windows with the lowest cost. After all, it affects their bottom line in a direct manner. If you want to save a lot of money, you need to do the same.

Always remember that windows with the “architectural grade” will always get expensive. In comparison, replacement windows and other home remodeling materials will stay cheap. It only applies when they’re at builder-grade or contractor-grade.

What this means is that the window meets the bare minimum requirements. Always look out for the big-name companies that sell builder-grade windows. Most of them have the quality to serve your home for decades.

If you doubt builder-grade windows, remember that contractors don’t like callbacks due to defects. What this means is they buy cheap windows that have the quality to last extreme weather conditions. The caveat is that it can get difficult to get them since they’re known by different names.

You can ask builder center clerks for products used by contractors. If you’re lucky enough, you might find windows explicitly marked for contractor use. No matter what the case may be, do your research and know the best builder window brands in the market.

2. Avoid Extra Features

Most window companies offer extra features that buff up your window. They do this out of their desire to widen their profit margin and increase your enjoyment. But always keep in mind that they aren’t required in normal situations.

When picking your replacement windows, you need to check if these features matter to you. Ask yourself, “Are the between-glass shades worth paying extra?” If not, avoid it and only spend your money when it helps improve your overall home experience.

One feature you need to invest in is energy efficiency. Look for the ENERGY STAR label when you buy them to ensure efficiency. If you’re in a colder place, check the U-factor since it offers better thermal resistance to your windows.

3. Negotiate Your Prices

It’s a known fact that window companies and authorized dealers are open for price negotiation. The industry surrounding replacement windows is one of the few sectors of home remodeling where people tolerate and expect price negotiation. The main driving force is the fact that window companies have a steep competition for your attention.

Most of your local window companies have an efficient and honest business practice. They make sure that it permeates from the moment you contact them up until they receive payments. They’re durable businesses that don’t mind compromising for a deal.

The reason they can do this is they have the means to buy the windows at wholesale price. They can sell packages that cover both the window and the installation process. This all works to your benefit, so don’t hesitate and haggle for a better deal.

4. Consider the Cheaper Materials

Wood windows are great and can offer a more premium look for your home. But have you considered using fiberglass or solid vinyl frames? After all, these two materials are the cheapest among all the choices offered by the market.

You might not even tell the difference between wood and fiberglass in the long run. So, it’s important to start asking whether the prestige of solid wood matters to you. If showing your windows off to your visitors isn’t high on your priority, always go for cheaper, sturdier window frame materials.

5. Avoid Authorized Dealers that Sell a Single Brand

These types of dealers limit the competition, hindering you from getting better prices. There are a lot of other window sellers out there that distribute different brands of windows. If you choose a brand-centric dealer, you’re stuck to the deals that brand offers, narrowing down your horizon.

If you want to get a more competitive price and feature choices, go for authorized dealers that don’t focus on one brand. It can help you get common-style windows, making it much cheaper for you. Always choose styles like sliders or fixed windows since they look classic but inexpensive.

6. Use Price Triangulation to Save Money

This is an effective practice where you get three price estimates from different dealers. Once you get it, one estimate will emerge as the lowest. It’s simple and it can save you a lot of money upfront.

You can call three window replacement companies for a visit. Don’t hesitate and tell them you’re doing a bid between the three. That will make them do the math and give you the best price possible.

Once you get all three bids, you’ll always have a low, medium, and high price estimate. If these companies have the same level of reputation, always pick the cheapest.

Get Cheap Windows Today!

Always remember that most window companies always have room to wiggle their prices. It benefits you since you can get them to give you a much better price deal. It’s even better when you try pitting two or more companies against each other in a price bid.

Don’t be shy when you need cheap windows. This will only get you stuck in less-than-ideal deals and spend more for things you don’t want or need. Follow these tips and you’ll find the best window worth the money you spend on.

Do you need a replacement window? Contact us today and we’ll help you out.

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