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How to Pick the Right Color Shingles for Your Home

You take great pride in your home’s appearance. 

You’ve created a beautiful garden, your home has excellent curb appeal, and you love all the details present in your home’s exterior. 

One thing that can make a serious difference in the overall look of your home — for better or for worse? 

Your roof shingle colors. 

Read on to make sure you choose the right roofing colors not just for your home, but for your design aesthetic.

Then, we’ll tell you where you can go to find the right roofing contractor that will help you to repair, replace, or upgrade your roof. 

1. Decide on a Statement

Before you start combing through hundreds of shingle color samples, decide what sort of statement you’re going for with your roof. 

Are you looking for something that’s a bit bold? Would you much rather stick to tradition? Would you like only one color on your roof? Or, do you feel like giving a color combination a shot? 

Are you interested in shingles with any other properties, like the ability to help keep your home cool? If so, are you prepared to deal with limited color options? 

These are all the kinds of things you need to decide on first. 

2. Know Your Home’s Style

One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing shingle colors? 

Your home’s overall architectural style. For example, putting red clay shingles on the roof of your Tudor-style home might not be the best fit.

However, that color and style of shingle would be a wonderful fit for a Spanish-style home. 

Get some inspiration from your favorite design magazines, and understand what looks best with your home’s style. While you don’t have to follow all the rules blindly, you want your home to look cohesive. 

3. Understand Cooling Properties

When you’re looking for the right shingles for your home, you should also think about how certain roofing materials and shingle colors will impact your home’s temperature. 

If you’re looking to lower your energy bills, then we suggest that you go with lighter hues. This is because lighter colors work to reflect the heat off of your home. 

On the other hand, darker shades will actually absorb the heat, meaning that your home will need to use more energy to keep cool.

You should also talk to a roofing professional about how to select energy efficient roofing materials if this is a priority for you.

4. Know How Color Impacts Size

Your roof colors can also impact the way people perceive the size of your home. 

If you’d like your home to look a bit taller than it actually is, then opt for a shade that closely matches the color of your home’s exterior.

Contrasting colors can sometimes make your house look like it’s been broken up into different sections, shortening it. 

If your house is painted in a more natural color, then classics like brown and light red will make it appear larger. 

5. Coordination Matters

Of course, the best roofing shingles are those that match well with your home’s exterior. 

However, you also need to coordinate the shade of your shingles with the other architectural details on your home.

Do you have a brick or stucco accent wall on one side of your home? What about your shutter shades? Have a bold trim on your home that might require a subtler shingle color? What about your chimney? 

Always take the time to consider the details. You don’t want to end up with shingles that match one part of your house but completely clash with another. 

Take a look at this handy guide on understanding the basics of color theory to help you make the right choice. 

6. Know Your Neighborhood

Especially if you’re a part of any kind of a homeowner’s association, you want to ensure that your shingle colors are in line with any rules and regulations. 

But even if you’re not? 

It’s still good to consider your neighbors. When you’re choosing your colors, remember that there’s a difference between making a statement and wildly clashing with the house across the street. 

Ensure that your shade compliments, not just your own home, but also those of your neighbors. Plus, being considerate helps to eliminate potential tension. 

7. Don’t Forget About the Sun

When you’re picking out roof shingle colors, don’t forget that the sun has a big impact on how the shade will appear. Even your region’s climate can impact the way the color will come across. 

When you’re choosing, we suggest that you take a look at color samples at different times throughout the day.

Remember that the shades may look a bit brighter and more vibrant in the summer months. In the winter or on a cloudy day, they may appear a bit faded. If you can, test out how the color changes in different weather conditions.

You want to ensure you’re satisfied with your roofing shingles 365 days a year. 

Pick the Right Shingle Colors Thanks to This Handy Guide 

We hope that this post has helped you to learn the most important things to consider when selecting your shingle colors. 

Of course, to ensure that your roof looks its best, you can’t compromise on quality materials — and professional installation. 

That’s where we come in. 

From offering advice about the colors and materials of your shingles to installing a brand new roof on your home, we can take care of everything you need. 

Get in touch with us today to get started on making your dream roof a reality. 

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