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Prepare Your Checklist: What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

Generally, a homeowner will spend 1 percent of what their home is worth on maintenance each year. As most experienced homeowners will tell you, this number can fluctuate greatly from year to year.

The key to avoiding serious repair problems is having the vital systems in your home inspected routinely. One of the most important parts of any home is the roof. As time goes by, this part of a home will begin to wear out and will have to be either repaired or replaced.

The best way to find out about roofing problems before they cause significant damage is by paying for a professional roof inspection. Usually, homeowners who attempt to perform this type of inspection will have problems due to their lack of experience.

The following are some of the things a professional will check out when inspecting your home’s roof.

A Roof Inspection Can Determine If a Roof is Sagging

The first thing most professionals will do when hired to inspect a home’s roof is to get a look at it from the ground. By looking at the roof from the ground, a professional can tell if there are any issues with sagging present.

If a roof is sagging, it will usually be caused by issues with water pooling on the surface. The heavier this puddle of water gets, the higher the risk becomes of the roof totally collapsing.

With the help of a roofing contractor, you will be able to figure out what is causing your roof to sag. Once the professionals have pinpointed the cause of this issue, they can address it quickly.

Looking for Signs of Moss or Algae Growth

A roofing professional will also thoroughly inspect a home’s roof for signs of mold or algae development. Generally, these green substances will start to form when there is an issue with moisture.

Leaks and pooling around the gutters are some of the most common causes of mold and algae development. Waiting to fix these leaks can cause you and your family a lot of health problems.

If the mold on the outside of the home gets inside, it can be extremely dangerous. Instead of putting the health of your family in jeopardy, you need to let professionals fix this issue immediately.

Buckled and Curled Shingles

One of the most potentially damaging forces to a home’s roof is the sun. The sun can create a lot of heat in a home’s attic. This heat will cause the shingles on a roof to buckle or curl over time.

If a roofing contractor sees this problem during their inspection, they will probably advise you to replace the damaged shingles. Leaving these shingles in place will eventually lead to leaks forming, which can cause extensive water damage.

While replacing the shingles can be expensive, it is worth the investment. The last thing you want is for the inside of your home to be filled with water due to your hesitation to fix this problem.

Are Shingles Missing From the Roof?

The roof of your home is exposed to direct sunlight for hours on end on a daily basis. This will lead to the shingles on the roof becoming brittle due to being dried out.

All it will take is for a brisk wind to tear these shingles off of your roof. If you have a number of missing shingles on your home, your main goal should be getting them replaced.

The large gaps created by missing shingles will only get worse over time. Allowing a roofing contractor to handle this work can help you avoid further issues with your shingles.

Granule Loss Can Be Problematic

A roofing contractor will also pay close attention to the condition of the granules on your shingles during this inspection. Over time, the granules on your shingles will start to fade away. The more granule loss your roof has, the higher the need will become for more shingles.

If the shingles have no granules on them, they will be unable to protect your home from water. A new roof is expensive, but often times necessary to keep a home damage free.

Are you trying to save money on a new roof? If so, be sure to schedule some onsite estimates with local roofing companies. With the information from these estimates, you should have no problem getting the best price.

Taking a Look at the Flashing

If your home has a chimney or HVAC vents coming out of the roof, these areas will be sealed off with metal flashing. This metal material helps to close any gaps created by holes in the roof.

Just like any other part of a home’s roof, the flashing will eventually wear out. If the flashing is bent up or rusted, a roofing professional will have to replace it immediately.

Not only can damaged flashing cause leaks to occur, it can also damage the vents and fireplaces it is installed around. This is why replacing this worn out material is so important.

Get the Roofing Contractor to Inspect Your Attic

Having your attic inspected is also a great way to discover roofing repair problems early on. If this area is filled with water, a roofing contractor will need to figure out what is causing this issue.

By performing a few diagnostic procedures, a roofing contractor can find the hole in a roof and fix it in no time. With their help, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Selecting a Reputable Roofing Contractor

Getting a comprehensive roof inspection is only possible when hiring the right professionals. Researching the various roofing repair companies in an area can help you make this important decision.

Are you in need of a roof inspection or repairs? If so, contact us today to get more information about the roofing services we offer.

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