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The 10 Commandments of Finding the Best Roofing Contractors

Finding the best roofing contracts can feel like a burden. With so many options and so much money involved, making the right decision becomes crucial. While climbing a mountain and having a revealing time with a deity would provide excellent guidance, you’ll have to settle for this list.

Roofing choices don’ just affect the value of the home on resale. Strict energy guidelines exist to help save you money year-round on heating and cooling.

You can also expect a roof to last for decades to half a century, depending on materials. That one time cost should also save you in operating costs over time.

Adhere to this humble list of musts and you’ll find the right roofing contractor for your project.

Thou Shalt’s to Finding the Best Roofing Contractors

This list isn’t just important for finding all the relevant information to making an informed decision. It is also carefully crafted to give you a step-by-step guide in order of importance.

This will allow you to narrow down your choices and find what you need.

1. Gather Referrals

Referrals give you a couple of bonuses in your search for a roofer. First, you can rely on the word of other customers to give you a fair assessment of how the work went and what the overall experience was like.

Second, you know that the company works within the community and has local ties. Working local is always important when dealing with roofing contractors. 

Finally, referrals also provide initial information on how well a roofer knows codes and regulations within the area.

2. Check Credentials

Not all jobs are created equally. While some fields have oversight organizations, unions, and the like, others do not. For roofers, you want to check that they have insurance for their employees.

Licenses are also required in most states for roofing and general contract work. Specific branded products require different credentials. A contractor needs proof they are equipped to install or advertise that they use such products.

Ask what products a potential contractor uses and check that they have the necessary credentials.

3. Look into BBB Rating

Your next stop is over at the Better Business Bureau to confirm that the business has a history. A BBB score will help you to confirm the credential information you gathered. This will also give you an insight into how long the company has operated and if they have had major incidents.

If you don’t find a score for the contractor it throws up red flags that they lack experience or credentials. Beware of door to door solicitation of roofing services as well.

4. Read Reviews 

Now that you have the background of local roofers looking for work, it is time to get to know their work. Reading reviews provides a window into the experience of others. 

A company should have a mix of reviews available. A company with nothing but good reviews and no arguments or complaints may be censoring comments. 

Even the best roofers will run into snags and problems. Reviews should reflect how these issues were handled and not pretend delays never happen.

5. Get an Estimate

Now that you have winnowed down your list of potential contractors, you want to get an estimate for the work. Many contractors offer free estimate services.

The estimate provides vital information not only into your needs but the priorities of the contractor. Pay attention to what an estimate emphasizes over what it leaves out. 

6. Discuss Warranty

You will want to know that the work will stand the test of time. A product that is supposed to last twenty plus years can be hard to gauge. Signs of a bad roofing job can surface years down the road.

Homeowners insurance will only cover a new roof or major repairs for so long. To ensure that your roof lasts into the second and third decades (if not beyond) your chosen contractor needs to offer a warranty.

This will cover the materials and the work done. That a contractor offers a warranty ensures that they stand by their work and expect to make reparations in case of a problem. 

7. Safety Concerns

Carrying insurance for their employees protects you from liability. Additionally, a contractor needs to address safety for their crew. 

They will have safety training of their own for employees and also provide gear. A roofing contractor that doesn’t provide proper equipment to employees risks their employees and your roof.

Safe workers are happy workers. Signs of safety ensure you have craftsmen on your project. Asking about safety is one of the most important things to ask when getting roofing quotes. 

8. Select Materials

While you can’t expect every roofer to offer every product line in every possible style, they should have a selection. 

You should, within reason, get what you want for your roof. A contractor that pushes you into a certain material may be trying to offload old product. 

That said, respect that if you want a specific material it may take time to order and receive. 

9. Gather Quotes

Before signing a roofing contract, you want to compare quotes. A minimum of two and a recommended three give you the best idea of associated costs. 

Quote comparisons show the competitive nature of the businesses and where each expects to do their best work. While some will have cheaper materials, others will have cheaper labor.

Remember that scheduling is also important. A company that quotes higher but can do the work faster adds value to your home.

10. Value Over Cost

Don’t automatically go for the cheapest bid or the fastest done by date. You want to consider all of your preliminary information in your final decision.

A well-crafted roof will add longevity and value to your home. Some materials retain or reflect heat better than others. Consider the impact on your heating and energy bills over the roof’s lifecycle.

Consider the median value of wages in your area. A quote with low labor costs undercuts workers for company profit. The best roofing contractors will save you money in dealing with material suppliers and solid safety records.

Cover Yourself

Don’t stop now. The best roofing contractors won’t reach out to you. 

Contact us to schedule an estimate today. We’ll get you covered.  

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